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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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se folks aren't planting any backyard rose gardens. >> the coast of fame. llamas on the loose moving i was lot. keep it right here. 14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ >> right now on fox 29 news at 10 investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to crash in chester county killing two people. good evening i'm iain page.
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>> i'm joyce evans. plane left the brandywine airport and something went terribly wrong. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in front of brandywine airport where that plane took off earlier today. dave? >> reporter: joyce federal investigators made their way to the crash site to launch their probe trying to find out what brought this plane down moments after taking off. >> skyfox flies over the scene near the intersection of saunders lane and andrew drive in west goshen township. a small plane had just gone down after taking off sunday afternoon. only two men were on board both the pilot and passenger killed. >> i did hear a bank earlier i guess when it happened and i look out and i saw a pickup truck coming up this road and i saw three people jump out and run into yard. >> faa is investigateing and says the piper pa28 single engine plane took off from brandywine airport located on the other side of the route 202 but sputter the and crashed down to
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earth. the wreckage found in a field near a handful of homes hatteria son hills senior living complex. >> there's lot of black smoke up in the air. as we passed the retirement home there we saw, you know, flames about 20 feet up in the air. >> i do know some pilots i work for the airline ion know pilots that fly out of here. sad to hear people didn't make it. >> reporter: authorities have yet to release the name its the victims. neighbors say it could have been worse. >> you know, thank god it didn't hit the senior complex or any other homes around who are. >> reporter: west goshen township police do tell me tonight one of the victims is from chester county. they say the other victim is not from the area but again names are being withheld because family members are still being notified. in the meantime we're also told that the ntsb will be assisting the faa in the investigation. joyce? >> all right, dave, thank you so much for that report. a community in delaware county mourning the loss of one of their own men in blue tonight tonight. mark hudson a darby borough
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police officer shot and killed while off duty last night. tonight his colleagues and friends sharing their memories of him. fox 29's brad sattin life tonight outside the darby borough police station. brad you've got the latest on the investigation passion well. >> reporter: we sure dodge as you mentioned being identified as 26-year-old mark had you had shouldn't part-time police officer at darby borough as you mentioned also a volunteer firefighter for the past decade here in yeadon in fact he was on a call just the other day on thursday night and he was being fondly remembered today. >> a great kid. got infectious smile. >> reporter: walking to the back of the yea top fire station was enough to make the chief tear up looking at the locker now draped in black bunting of firefighter mark hudson who joined the firehouse 10 years ago at age 16. >> his mom loved the fact he came to the firehouse. he came a safe place to hang out not be on the street and it kind of ended up guiding him into
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what he wanted to do. >> spending a decade serveing his community both as a firefighter and for the past four years part-time police officer with darby borough. council members got to know him well. >> he was very quite. he was a quiet kind of guy. he never said too much. but he always had that smile. he would look at you and smile. i mean, he was a good guy. >> reporter: he shared a home with his girlfriend and few new of their apparent troubled relationship according to his boss darby borough's police chief. >> domestic problems there to the point there was a complaint filed last august for terroristic threats on this -- on the individual that's in custody. >> filed by him? goodbye him against her. there was a pfa filed against her. >> pf. protection from abuse order filed by hudson. police had been to the home before. hudson was shot once in the chest saturday afternoon apparently with his own police gun. >> the girlfriend she was in the
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house. they are going to charge her. they are currently questioning her and the list of charges has not come down yet. >> reporter: as the legal side plays out those who new mark prefer to theft perm side and what he meant to them. >> so sweet. no times that i ever came in contact with him that i ever seen him looking sad. always had a smile the biggest smile on his face. >> he was just a nice guy. >> reporter: now important to note investigators telling us yesterday the charges would be filed today. we just checked in witness delaware county district attorney's office. so far no charges in this case. of course, we'll keep you posted. iain? >> brad, thank you. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. after a chilly but sunny day clouds rolling in at sunset pretty scene out there but also a sign of what's to come. fox 29 meteorologist caitlin roth is here. caitlin. >> good evening, iain. we are what happening for some showers to come in by day break those clouds have been increasing over the past few
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hours like you just saw that scene over center city at twilight and those showers right behind me after what has been a very sunny day. we are now looking at the clouds an little bit of rain by tomorrow morning. not much. this is a weak front moving through the ohio valley into western sections of pennsylvania bringing just light rain at this hour and that's probably all we'll see here in philadelphia tomorrow morning. but as this roles in during the overnight hours, the coldest temperatures occurring. it will be cold enough in in spots for shower or two. this is mainly far north and west of philadelphia. fox future cast shows those light showers coming in during the middle of the night probably while we're all sleeping but there could be some flurries light snow up in the lehigh valley, the allentown area, up through the pocono mountains. they are pretty light and scattered. but they might start the day off on kind of a damp and chilly note we've got the clouds around temperatures are still cold in the 30s tomorrow morning and there is some light rainfalling so it's going look like not the best day but we'll see rapid improvement. those showers move out by noon. the clouds start to thin. west wind picks up and by mid afternoon it's sunny it's
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breezy and much milder for our monday. cold weekend. not felt like spring at all. 40 degrees is the temperature outside right now. we are seeing 30s widespread north and west of philadelphia. 38 in allentown. 36 in lancaster. 36 in wilmington and 29 that's it for millville, new jersey. always a cold spot there. 35 the overnight low temperature in the city. so a chilly start to monday. 29 in the suburbs and where the precipitation moves in there you can see some snow showers. that will move out quickly and by tomorrow afternoon looking at a much improved forecast. 58 degrees the high temperature. warmer than this weekend. will that warm weather last? as we move through the rest of the week into the beginning of april i'll have that answer for you ahead in your seven day forecast. >> joyce and iain. >> caitlin thank you. septa service still suspended tonight after a warehouse fire in tioga yesterday. a vacant warehouse that sits next to the manayunk norristown regional rail line caught fire early saturday morning. it took firefighters over 3.5 hours to get the four alarm fire
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under control. nobody was hurt. septa says the manayunk norristown line line is suspend and they're working to get service back to normal watt as soon as possible. riders should check with septa for updates and detour information. >> after days of digging crews have found two bodies in the rubble of that building explosion and collapse in new york city. they were spotted think afternoon means believe they are the bodies of two people reported missing after blasts that happened there last thursday. 23-year-old nicholas figueroa had been on a data restaurant in one of the three buildings that were leveled. and a 26-year-old man lukon was a worker there. we continue to search although there are no other missing persons. so the feeling is everyone who had been reported missing has now been found. the likelihood of anyone else being here is very small.
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>> the explosion and fire and collapse left more than 20 people hurt. the exact cause of it is still under investigation but mayor diblasio suggested that a gas line may have been tampered with. federal investigation is now underway to find out how an air canada plane skidded off runway in nova scotia. karen mchugh tells us what the airline is saying bit and what happens next. >> reporter: scary scene at the hal fax airport after an air bus eight theme 20 skidded off the runway. passengers described the terrifying moments when the plain hit the ground. >> as we hit the runway the motor and flames were coming out, sparks everywhere. we bounded and another good bounce and we slid all the way to the end of the runway. >> the flight heading from toronto to hal fax was attempting to land in snowy conditions. power went off at the airport and emergency response center had to be moved to nearby hotel.
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officials with canada's transportation safety board say it appears the flight hit an antenna array before landing and the landing gear came off. one passenger says, he felt the plain hit the tarmac hard. >> when it hit that everything flashed and a big piece of steal or something come up through the floor under my seat. we all hit -- all hit our heads. everything went. we felt we were goners. >> reporter: official from air canada says the airlines cooperate wig the government during the investigation. he its adds the plane circled above the airport for a period of time before the crash but says it was determined save for the plane to land in the current weather conditions. >> it's obviously very unsettling for our customers and their families we have been taking very hard to take care of their needs. >> 25 people can taken to the hospital for observation or treatment. none of the injuries are considered to be life threatening. karen mchugh, fox news. >> new details tonight about the
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co-pilot who intentionally crashed germanwings flight 9515. several german news outlets are reporting his long-time girlfriend broke up with him a day before the crash and that she is pregnant. sunday edition one german newspaper claims lubitz had vision problems. the paper also published a detailed description of the moments before the crash saying lube bits lock the pilot out of the cockpit during a bathroom break. the paper claims the pilot then tried to break down the door. meanwhile near the crash site mourner gathering to grieve the victims. french prosecutors say they have not questioned the family yet out of decency and respect for their pain. a popular bakery goes up in flames in north philadelphia. it happened at denise's delicacies on the 2900 block of north 22nd street. fire broke out just after 3:00 this morning. nobody was hurt. no word on a cause. a germantown family is forced out of their home after an early morning fire it happened around 5:00 a.m. on the
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200 block of east ashmead street. two children and three adults were inside the home at the time. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the backlash is growing against indiana's religious freedom act. the state's governor is on the defense but not backing down. why he says his state is being treated unfairly. that's next. plus a new prank called put them in a coffin. coming up how young people are putting their lives in danger to become a youtube star. caitlin? >> joyce something like like about this weekend. it was cold, cloudy, wintry. we are expecting a warmup as we head into this week. i'll let you know how mild it gets. that's still ahead in your seven day forecast. ♪
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take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. ♪ i didn't even care. i wanted to show that this is a stupid law. >> outrage over the religious freedom act is growing in indiana. activists taken to the streets of indianapolis to express their anger. law allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of religion freed dom. the governor defending the law on the sunday morning talk shows. fox's will carr takes a look. >> reporter: indiana governor mike pentz trying to take control of the message after getting backlash from across the country. on thursday, he signed the religious freedom restoration act. saturday he told the indianapolis star he supports introduction of legislation to clarify that the law does not discriminate against gays and
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lesbians. sunday morning he doubled down defend fending his decision. the purpose of this legislation which is the law in all 50 states in our federal courts and the law by either statute or court decisions in some 30 other states is very sim police to empower individuals were they believe that actions of government impinge on their constitutional first amendment freedom of religion. >> reporter: governor pe inform ce was on national news thousands protested in indianapolis on saturday businesses across the country said they plan to stop spending any money in indiana until the law is repeal. pence signed the law in the wake of the supreme court decision in the hobby lobby case last year and after christians have been sued or fined aft refuseing service to gay couples getting married. >> this is where this debate has gone with miss information and -- >> it's just a question sir yes or no? >> there's been shameless rhetoric about my state and about this law and about its intention all over the internet. people are trying to make it
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about one particular issue and now you're doing that as well. >> while the passionate debate continues some business owners in indiana voiced concerns about the economic impact and what it means to their bottom line. in los angeles will carr, fox news. update tonight on those seven people shot at a spring break party in panama city, florida. some of the injured are still in the hospital recovering. david daniels is facing seven counts of a itemed murder. police say he opened fire inside a spring break party in panama city on saturday morning. most of the people at that party were college students from alabama. police arrived to find victims both inside and outside the house, one person shot in the head. several others were hurt. >> we have drunk people under the influence of drugs with guns and no respect for themselves, others and most of all authority authority. we have are a recipe for
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disaster. at some point a law enforcement officer is going to be put in a situation where there will be a confrontation with someone with a gun. this did will not end well. >> the sheriff says three of the seven people shot are quote innocent victims. it's called put them in a coffin a viral fad started by a rapper in chicago. >> teens jump on to the hoods of moving cars and post that video on youtube. fox's george franco talks to victims of that prank near atlanta. >> he landed on his back. >> reporter: she didn't want her face shown for fear of reprisal but police say earlier this month at this parking lot a young man performed a dangerous prank known as put them in a coffin on this woman's moving vehicle. >> why would you do in? you can really get put in a coffin. >> two of them had broken windshields and two of them had hood damage. >> reporter: noon nine deputy chief rodney rigs investigators
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learn of the dangerous stunt from youtube. besides damaging vehicles, young people are seen dropping their full body weight on store displays landscaping and other places. these pictures of a badly damaged vehicle from one of the noon nine victims. she was out of surgery and couldn't meet but did want to stress the danger of the put them in coffin stunt. not only dangerous but criminal as well. >> people think they're doing a prank but they're committing a crime and it mate ab fellow felony. >> one at this parking lot work others at the ashley park shopping center and yet another at wal*mart parking l the this victim wonders about less than for giving motorists who might put cross paths with a put them in coffin prankster. >> you're going to meet someone real angry that is going to really hurt you than what you just did to their car. >> that same put them in a coffin prank has been reported to police in several other states as well. it's not every day you see
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thousand waiting in line for some plant seeds but that's exactly what thousands in washington, d.c. did yesterday. waiting in line for hours for free pot plant seeds. the group call the dc cannabis campaign hosted the marijuana seed exchange yesterday. it's illegal to buy or sell pot in d.c. but legal to plant grow and smoke it. seeds were available to anyone who showed up. >> the seeds are symbolic of a new right and a level playing field we can grow this plan at home like any other plant. >> the group says once planned you'll have full grown plant in about 80 degrees. this is the second seed he can change the group has held. amazeing new photographs of our country's history and you'll soon be able to see them for yourself online. housewife from houston texas has quietly collected rare civil war images for 50 years. and she's telling more than 500 of her photos to the library of
10:20 pm
congress. some of them offer a rare glimpse of life in slavery in the south images taken by couldn'tcouldn't federal photographers the the collector says the pictures are like ghosts from the past. that reflect part of our american history. >> it shows a viewer, miscellaneous cards at an antique show and i thought that would be fun for the kids. well, like i asked the camel stick its notices in the tent and it's sitting down to dinner at your table innocents how it happened. i just started -- i liked them. >> another set of her pictures showed the funeral procession of president abraham lincoln in 1865. pal and sunday takes on whole new meaning for the local bishop. incredible goal he reached today and that's coming. >> these llamas gained internet fame when they went on the
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♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪
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[snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. ♪ very special palm sunday mass in trenton today. bishop david o'connell underwent surgery his leg amputateed three months ago. he says just two weeks after that surgery that his goal was to stand at the altar alone by palm sunday. well you see him there. did he it.
10:24 pm
>> i had some very serious actually life threatening infections that seemed to settle in the leg and so i had to make a decision at christmastime to amputate the leg zone it was amputated three months ago today and it's been a miraculous speedy recovery and rehabilitation and i can walk. >> so good for him. bishop owe com says it was all made possible by the work of his doctors and rehab therapists. pope francis delivering a message on this palm sunday at the vatican opening holy week before a large crowd packed into saint peter's square. tens of thousands of people looking on while the pope blessed palms and olive barges. the first of many tra dig al celebrations that wrap up next sunday on easter. llamas on the lamb took social media by storm. they were visiting assisted living facility near phoenix when they made a break for it. they evaded capture for hours and final wl caught with alas so but all that social media attention not doing the llamas
10:25 pm
any favor. they made their final public appearance this weekend. the llama owner wants to continue to take the animals on the road for therapy and educational purposes but last month's llama drama caught the attention of u.s. department of agriculture. so the usda is requiring llamas to have a license to attend events and the owner can't afford it. so fans turned out yesterday to give them a fond farewell. >> it's really bad because they real dollar help out a lot of special needs people and kids and the elderly. everybody responds to them so well it would be really a shame to have it all shut down. >> the llamas and owner plan to retire to a farm north of phoenix. coming up, rethinking cameras in the cockpit. could they prevent a tragedy or make commercial flights more dangerous? the debate in the wake of a disaster. caitlin. >> nothing but sunshine all day today. however, i'm watch something showers move in right now. that will make for a damp start to monday but many up proved by the afternoon.
10:26 pm
we'll go through the whole day forecast and show you the week ahead. that's next.
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♪ recent plane crashes are stirring debate about whether or not cameras should be placed in cockpits. some argue video could provide critical information for investigators. >> but as fox's bryan llenas tells us many pilots don't like the idea. >> reporter: the crash of germanwings flight 9525 has row inn inn vague rated the debate whether cameras should be put in cockpits. imagine a camera record everything and you say and do at your desk. video recordings could be made public or land online after an accident. pilots say current voice and data recorder that is closely monitor all audio and data are sufficient. >> you have a recording of everything that airplane is doing. every sip gel switch that's thrown. every change in altitude or
10:30 pm
heading or engines or whatever else flaps. what else do you need to feel comfortable. >> reporter: use of video cameras was proposed in 2000 sand by the ntsb. the missing ripping in unsolved accidents. like during an emergency where both pilots and in the cockpit did smoke from a fire phil up the cockpit who was doing what when? >> we can actually see where the hands were, where the people were sometimes they get out of their seats. sometimes we see a lever like a throttle pull back. we don't know if it was the captain or the first officer. >> cliche a picture is worth a thousand words is never more true when you're trying to solve an accident mystery. >> proponents say privacy safeguards could protect pilots. still the airline pilots association says the cost of adding cameras is not worth it. resources should be focused on enhanceing current systems to record more data of a higher
10:31 pm
quality as opposed to video images which are subject to misinterpretation and may lead investigators away from accurate conclusions. the federal off laying administration has said there's not enough compelling evidence to main date cameras in the cockpits. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. ♪ >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. good looking outside but cold. >> still looking for spring. >> yeah, i know, right? where is it? has yet to appear. >> i know. >> hiding. >> i know. >> it will make an appearance final whole actually just we switch to april. >> march in like a lion out like a lion pretty much bought we've got snow showers in the forecast forecast. >> you you. >> for some spots. not here in philadelphia. >> okay. >> in the mountains. >> i hope north and west. >> that's the truth. it's somewhere. it's taking a long time to get warm temperatures around here. we shall finally see some at least in the seven day. but first we'll start you off
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way look at ultimate doppler right now. twenty two gorgeous sunday. if you were watching from the comfort of your heated living room looking outside. it was chilly. high temperatures well below normal in the mid 40s. not as much wind saturday. it was a slow improvement through this afternoon. clouds streaming in since sunset sunset. we've got a cold front towards our west bringing rain showers into the ohio valley sections of western pennsylvania even some snow showing up in the western corner of new york. but for us it should just be few showers pass through during the over night hours a dam and chilly start to your monday morning once that passes passes you think we'd cool down. cold front weak and there's warm air behind it. but first today's weather almanac confirming chilly temperatures we starred off 26. rose to 45. both numbers below normal. we shall at 57 for late march and i think we'll get there tomorrow afternoon. record high for today 87 set back in 1945 the time of year
10:33 pm
all our record highs are well into the 80s it has been a long time since we felt anything like that here in philadelphia. 40 degrees outside right now. 35 in pottstown. 38 in allentown. 31 up in mount pocono and 29 in millville. cold spot on the map. fox future cast shows clouds thicken through the rest of the overnight hours. a few sprinkles moving through during the overnight and yes that could be a few flakes and snow showers in the lehigh valley and the poconos. this is all really light. it doesn't even look like that front holds much moisture as it crosses the appalachians so we should just see a shower or two kind of gray start to monday morning. but not a lot of rain probably need the umbrella only briefly before we clear out those clouds thin by afternoon. we pick up a good westerly wind that will dry us tout will also help usher in the warm air boost temperatures into the 50s. now by tuesday morning a second system low pressure this time moving on through. it's going bring some more substantial moisture lies looks
10:34 pm
like accumulateing show in the ski areas. cold enough for that. rain showers for the rest of us. some of those rain showers could be pretty moderate to heavy as we go through tuesday. the difference between a weak front tomorrow morning nothing much going on, and then to a stronger system on tuesday umbrellas needed and maybe even some snow in the higher elevations. we'll watch for that. into wednesday we do clear out and beginning on wednesday seal a nice dry period at least for a day or two. 35 degrees is the overnight low in the city. 29 in the suburbs mostly cloudy just a few showers. into the afternoon it's actually going to turn out very nice day. showers giving way to sun breezy and milder we can see south westerly gusts over 25 miles an hour but getting into the 50s. bus stop weather fort kids you might neither that hooded jacket or umbrella. some showers around mainly just sprinkles but it's chilly still. temperatures in the mid 30s. but by the time they leave school day it will be many improved. 50 degrees on tuesday that might even ab stretch hitting 50 we rain moving through. count on the gloomy weather for
10:35 pm
the second day of the work week. by then we brighten things up wednesday. 55 and sunny beautiful day and if you like things even warmer look at these temperatures jumping into the 60s. thursday and friday. just slight chance of shower otherwise i'll say the really nice end to the work week. and into the weekend a better chance for showers that will cool things down on saturday. easter sunday at least our first look at it right now looks good. mostly sunny skies 53. really nice holiday forecast what's even nicer what's happening in the middle of the week there. absolutely. >> i love thursday friday right now. >> this is the it. spring has begun and everyone heading outdoors. >> all right. thank you so much. hey, that will do it for the fox 29 news at 10. >> keep it right here for sports sunday next. ♪ there's a lot to cover tonight on sports sunday much the. phillies make some decisions. the sixers continue


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